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Tomato planting

Whether you say tomato or tomato (where I’m from we say tomater!) it doesn’t matter!  What does matter is that you have the proper equipment to grow them with.   One of our most popular items is the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, which hangs from a hook and the tomatoes grow upside-down, which is good for places where you may not have a lot of space to plant in the ground or if it’s difficult for you to bend down.  They are great space savers and you can even grow peppers in them!

Some people are just set dead against growing tomatoes upside-down, which is fine, and that’s why we have Veggie Cage Tomato Supports!  These are just fancy climbing plant stakes.  The spiral allows the tomato (or any climbing plant) to growing up straight through the center, and then it is supported by the curves of the stake.  So if you are old fashioned, it is quite alright!  Try a Veggie Cage Tomato Support to grow your tomatoes!

No matter how you grow em’, from the ground or up in the air, they are still delicious and deserve to be taken care of properly!

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