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Did You Know…

  • Bats are the only flying mammals (flying squirrels are also mammals, but they don’t fly, technically they glide)
  • Bat wings are similar to the human hand
  • One bat can eat between 2,000 and 6,000 insects in a night
  • Bats that drink nectar are important pollinators of some crops and flowers
  • Fruit bats are important for seed dispersing
  • Some species of bats have been recorded flying at speeds of over 50 miles per hour
  • Bats can have twins
  • They live a very long time, between 10-30 years old
  • The oldest bat fossil is recorded to be 52 million years old
  • When bats hang upside down, their blood does not rush to their head because they do not weigh enough for gravity to affect them
  • Half of all bat species are either threatened or endangered due to habitat destruction, pollution, and human persecution
  • Some bats are hunted illegally and sold for meat
  • Few bats actually contract rabies; it is deadly to them as well as humans

Why Bat Houses are Important:

  • Bats are beneficial to our ecosystem as a whole
  • Bats eat thousands of crop-killing pests, mosquitoes, and other insects a night
  • More bats eating insects means less insecticides in our environment
  • Bat houses provide a safe alternative to bats occupying human dwellings
  • Bat’s natural habitats are disappearing and their populations are declining

Learn more about Bat House options here.
Click here for other beneficial habitats

Learn More about bats at: http://www.batconservation.org/

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