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Weed Tutorial

Weeds fall into several categories with regard to their growth and reproduction. Knowing more about the weeds in your yard will help you eliminate them more effectively.

Annual weeds only live one year, and rely on seed to perpetuate the species. Some annual weeds produce hundreds of thousands of seeds in order to ensure their survival.  That being the case, the best way to eliminate these weeds from your yard is to keep them from producing and spreading seed.  A good Weed Preventer will help.

Winter annuals
germinate in the fall, survive the winter, then produce seed and die by early the next summer. They’re the ones you see dying off in early summer, and think you’re in luck. But remember, they’ve already spread seeds waiting to sprout in the fall.Speedwell, Henbit, Chickweed, andPepperweed
are some examples.

Summer annuals
germinate in the spring, flower, go to seed, and die with the first hard frost.Black Medic, Purslane, Carpetweed, Spotted Spurge and Crabgrass are a few.

Perennial weeds
live from season to season, and can be some of the most difficult to control because they reproduce from seed, but also by underground stolons, stem nodes, or a piece of root left in the soil. some examples are:Nutsedge, Plantain, and

A Weed Control Strategy

Mow high. Mowing at 3 inches (or recommended height for your type of turf) helps grass shade out weeds and encourages a thicker lawn that makes it hard for weeds to compete in.

Reduce soil compaction. Weeds like crabgrass will pop up in areas where soil is compacted, like heavy traffic spots, or alongside driveways and paths. Until the soil is loosened, lawn will not thrive, and weeds will be a continual problem.

Thicken the lawn. Most weeds won’t compete. they’ll take advantage of bare or thin spots to gain a foothold. Repair bare spots early and fertilize to promote a thick lawn that will be a barrier to weeds.

Pull weeds. This is easiest after rain, when soil is damp. Remember, each weed you can be rid of before it goes to seed can save you from dealing with dozens or hundreds of its offspring next season!

Use a pre-emergent weed control product. A pre-emergent weed control gives you a head start. If you can prevent weeds from sprouting, you’ll give your lawn a better chance to fill in thin spots on its own; and you’ll reduce next years weed crop by preventing plants from coming up and producing seed.

Some Good Weed Prevention Products:

GreenLight Crabgrass Preventer



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