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Rose gardening is all about the flowers.

You plant carefully, in the right conditions, and nurture your plants along with fertilizer, pruning and care, and finally – blooms!

The last thing you want to see is a problem developing- a bug, yellowing leaves, or a hole chewed in your prized flower petals.

At the first sign of a problem, you want to act fast, and you want to solve the problem.

Bayer Advanced has developed a line of rose care products that have got you covered. They’re making it really easy to tackle rose problems and knock them out fast, whether it’s insects or disease.

Here’s the lineup:Yellow Rose

For Disease:

For Insects:

For All-in-One Protection AND Fertilizer:

Total Rose care in easy granular or liquid drench. Disease protection, Insect protection and bloom-boosting fertilizer in one easy application.


These are all systemic products, so not only do they control the problem already present, they also continue to protect against future outbreaks.They are specifically formulated for roses and other ornamentals, and they are proven-problem solvers.

So don’t waste time guessing. Save this information somewhere handy, and when a problem breaks out this season, head to Bayer Advanced.

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