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Yardlover.com has tons of ways for you to save money while still providing a market of high-quality items right at your fingertips.  Because we have so many awesome ways for you to save the most money possible, we want to help you find them all. Sometimes an item costs more than you want to spend, heck I feel that way all the time when I go shopping, but that’s when you have to make yourself a smart shopper.

I, unfortunately, am a terrible smart shopper.  For example, the other day I went to Target and I bought a pair of shorts.  I liked them so much that I went back and bought some more.  Last night as I was sifting through my collection of coupons that I had cut out, I found a coupon for $3 off shorts at Target!  Imagine my feelings of horror and stupidity at myself, especially since I had actually taken the time to print the coupon off the internet!

Luckily for you, you do not have to suffer from what I like to call Stupid Smart Shopper Disorder (SSSD).  If you pay attention to the following information and eternally keep it stowed away in the back of your mind, you have real potential to become a Super Smart Shopper (SSS).  Please note the following information for your own benefit:

  • Sign up for our email newsletter.  We send out 10%-20% discount coupons all the time on certain items or categories of products
  • Like us on Facebook.  We have special offers and discounts for our Facebook fans only.
  • Keep an eye out for products that are featuring free shipping.  Not every item does, but a lot do, it just may take some work to find them.  Click on the Free Shipping page tab on this blog to see some of those products.
  • Notice that a lot of our products are already on sale and you can tell that by seeing the original price crossed out and a sale price in bold next to it.
  • Look for us on your favorite coupon websites because we might just be there!

As the one spending the money, it is up to you to find ways to save that money, and hopefully I’ve helped you by showing you all those wonderful ways to save money.  Be smart, save your money, and I know you will go far in life.

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Hiking is a popular outdoor activity with organizations and facilities all over the world.  Why is it so popular?  Well, it’s fun, entertaining, great exercise and can be done by anyone anywhere.  Hiking is one of those “sports” if you call it a sport, that you don’t have to be a pro at to be good at.  Anybody can walk on trails and it can be a leisurely past-time or a hard-core rigorous activity.  Whatever your method of going about it, you want to make sure you have the proper equipment to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable hike.

Of course you want to make sure to take plenty of water with you no matter the difficulty or length of your hike.  If you are taking a particularly long hike you might want to bring along some granola bars for extra protein to keep you going.  Bring a light jacket as it can get cold in the mountains.  Bug spray, sun screen and a small first aid kit are also a plus if you know your hike will take all day and has some challenging places.  The thing to remember is that anything can happen in the wild and when it comes to your safety you can never be too careful.

One thing you might not realize is so important when it comes to hiking is having a supportive walking stick.  I bet most times when you’ve gone on a hike you’ve hunted around to find the perfect walking stick and you don’t even realize how much you do it.  There is a reason for that, just like there’s a reason why wilderness stores sell hiking sticks manufactured for serious hikers and then those serious hikers buy them: they make it easier.

Having a walking stick is so useful for hiking because they help you get a better grip, support you, give you leverage, etc. etc.  Brazos Walking Sticks have a rubber stopper on the end to maximize the support and help it will provide.  One common mistake made with selecting a walking stick however, is determining which height is best for you.  For your convenience I am providing a sizing chart so you can establish the correct height of the walking stick that you need:

–          41”- children and small adults

–          48”- over 5’4”

–          55”- between 5’4” and 5’11”

–          58”- over 5’11”

Check out our vast collection of walking sticks to find the one you love the best!

Notice the walking stick on this trail marker

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Brenda has an excellent question and I’d like to think that I have an excellent answer.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Her question:

“I have a question about blackberries. We have wild ones growing all around us, and I’ve noticed that one plant never has thorns and there’s one that does. Is the one without the thorns the male plant? Is it ok to cut those down and leaves the ones with the berries? Is there a good way to transplant blackberry bushes, some grow right in our flower beds, can I move them? I’ve been wondering about these thorny ones for years that don’t produce fruit, so maybe someone will tell me about them. Thanks.”

And then later:

“I see I made a mistake in my email. I meant to say that both have thorns, but only one has berries. Please help me to figure out this question, it has me baffled, as you can see. I can’t even write about it w/o messing up.”

Well Brenda, here is my expertise on the subject that I really hope will help you out!

I have to say, I don’t know a lot about berries, other than that they are very tasty!  However, I have found that you absolutely can transplant the bush to another location.

To begin with, trim the bush back, removing dead branches and leaves and cutting back enough that the bush will fit in the new location you’ve picked out.  They do better in spots that receive full sunlight and it’s possible that the bush that does not have berries just isn’t getting enough light.  Move it to a location where it get tons of light and will not be affected by nearby plants or other blackberry bushes.

To get the plant up out of the ground, dig about 1 foot away from it, making sure you are not harming the roots.  You want to make sure that you’ve got the established roots in tact; carefully ease the plant out of the ground.

The hole you dig should be twice the size of the root cluster.  Line it with compost and gently put the bush in, making sure not to cram the roots.  Gently fill in the soil and water it regularly.

Now that should help you transplant the bush if you choose to.  As for why it is not producing berries, it could be several things, such as not having enough sun, water or space.  You can try fertilizing it as well.  This Miracle-Gro Quick Start With Vitamin B1 is perfect for this situation because it helps ease plants into being transplanted and lessens the shock of a new environment.

Another reason it may not be producing berries is because it’s just a dud.  Sometimes plants just don’t feel like doing what they’re supposed to.  We have a wisteria plant on our back deck and it grew and grew but it never bloomed, for nine years!  And finally, two years ago it bloomed, and it bloomed again this year.  So it’s possible that your blackberry bush is just being stubborn and hopefully moving it to a new location will stimulate it enough so that it will do what it’s supposed to!

Thank you for your great question Brenda!  I hope this helps!

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You know, sometimes it’s hard to be creative.  I mean, yeah, sometimes it just comes naturally and it’s fun and exciting, but other times, when you have to do it because it’s part of your job, it just doesn’t have the same shine to it that draws you in.  I do realize that due to my sparkling and captivating personality, it’s hard for you to believe that I could possibly run out of  witty and entertaining things to say, but alas, the time has come.

Because I am lacking creativity at this moment, I thought I’d ask you, as the readers, what you’d like to read about.  So, readers, “What would you like to read about?”  Better yet though, what would you like to write about?  I mean, you guys know stuff too!  In fact, I just received a message from a very bright customer who clearly knows her stuff detailing one of the products I previously wrote about.

So let me hear it!  Write me a post about one of our products that you enjoy or want to share with others, and I’ll post it and put your name at the bottom, making you famous!  (I can’t guarantee the famous part, but it sounded good.)  If you’re lacking the creative juices also, then just send me a topic/product that you would like to learn more about and that will at least give me a jump start to start inspiring and dazzling you all with my wonderful words of wisdom.

I just want to hear from you, so email me your thoughts at rachel@gardenocity.com and let me know what you want to see and you will be the next Featured Guest Writer and Gold-Level Friend and Follower of Yardlover.com!  (I just made that up, btw, therefore no prizes or awards come with receiving that title, other than the fact that you will feel great about your awesomeness.)

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On Friday, May 7, 2010, Team Yardlover participated in the local Relay for Life charity event.  We sold pink products to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, and we had people walking the track all night long!  We also raffled off a pink wheelbarrow full of pink gardening supplies.  Team Yardlover raised over $1000 for this event, and all of the proceeds from the pink products sold at the event went to fund research for cancer as well.  We just wanted to get the word out there that Yardlover is getting involved and wanted to let our readers know what’s going on!

Team Yardlover at the 2010 Relay for Life!

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That’s what my niece says to me, usually about the time I am in full panic mode over some deadline, because I ALREADY know it’s crunch time!

So if you are still shopping, maybe a coupon will lower your blood pressure. It’s worth 10% off your order at YardLover.com, and it expires on Sunday December 20th. Then, just enter this code at checkout:


This was originally offered only to our Facebook fans, but it’s crunch time for all of us, so shop and enjoy! Start with our Gifts for Gardeners for some great ideas.

And if you want to make sure you get first notice of all our specials and sales, here’s how:

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“All work is as seed sown; it grows and spreads, and sows itself anew.” -Thomas Carlyle

This June, team YardLover will be participating in a 2-day cycling event to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis society.  Our team is 8 strong, and growing, and we have pledged to raise $2000.  We will ride 2 days, and choose 25, 50, 75, or 100 mile rides each day. We’ll keep you posted on our progress, and how it all turns out.

What does this have to do with gardening? Nothing. It has to do with community. Each one of us is part of a community, whether it is our neighborhood, our job, our church, our family, or a worthy cause.  And all the ways we participate in our communities make the world a better place.

  • Giving your money helps.
  • Donating food helps.
  • Making your garden beautiful helps.
  • Teaching a skill helps.
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience helps.

Looking at that list, there are a lot of ways for gardeners to contribute to our communities aren’t there? Gardeners mentor each other, share knowledge, tips, tools, and plants all the time. These are community building activities, and make your little corner of the world a better place. So keep up the good work, and from my little corner of the world-THANK YOU

How do you contribute to your community? Or, what contribution has made a difference in your life? Share with us!

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