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Purple CrocusSpring!

It sure sprung early this year. Many parts of the country are 2-3 weeks or more ahead of schedule. The riot of spring color came on fast and furious, and it has been gorgeous.

The problem is, there is still plenty of time for frost, and night time temperatures below freezing. Plants have put out tender leaves and flowers too early growth that can’t withstand freezing temperatures.

That’s where FreezePruf comes in. FreezePruf is a foliar spray that increases a plants ability to withstand cold damage. It improves cold tolerance from 2 to 9 degrees, depending on the type of plant, and the severity of the weather.

FreezePruf will last up to 4 weeks, even with moderate rain, so you can go ahead and spray it on any tender plants you have outside. That way, if there is a sudden frost or freeze, you won’t be caught un-prepared, or have to do a rush job.

All you have to do is spray your plant thoroughly. Cover all surfaces of leaves and stems. FreezePruf protects both superficially with a layer of protection against ice, and systemically by lowering the freezing point of water inside the plant. It is biodegradable, and non-toxic, so you can use it without worry. It will not harm people, pets, or your plants.

So if you have had some early growth in your garden that worries you, go ahead and apply FreezePruf now. You’ll be protected if temperatures dip, and not risk damage to new growth and flowers. You can also use it on vegetable plants, as well as fruiting trees to protect the blossoms and your future harvest!


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