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The approach of spring leads many of us to look at our lawns and think Uh-Oh. Well, maybe that’s just me, but I do know that many of you will be seeding to fill in bare spots or just thicken up your lawn.

Perhaps the most critical part of the job is also the most time-consuming – keeping it watered. You have to keep those seeds and tiny plants moist. If they dry up they either won’t sprout at all, or they will germinate and quickly wither and die.

Mulching will help hold moisture in, but straw comes with it’s own set of problems. It’s a pain to spread, may contain weed seeds, and may block sunlight. In fact, it can also block some of your painstakingly applied water from reaching seedlings.

Take a look at ENCAP’s Lawn Starter Mulch Kit. It’s a granular mulch plus starter fertilizer and can be applied with a spreader or sprinkled right out of the bag. It contains everything you need to help your seed germinate and gives it an optimal environment to establish.

ENCAP’s Seeding Mulch Kit uses their patented Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST™) that improves soil structure by creating millions of microscopic “spaces” in your soil. Those tiny air pockets are vital to healthy soil and deep root systems.

Here is how ENCAP describes it:

“The AST™ technology is a combination of proprietary polymers called water soluble polyacrlymides (WSPAM) which are impregnated into and coated onto our products. When activated by moisture, the polymers are released from the product and begin to engage the soil where they provide many benefits including:

Improved soil structure and soil aggregates
Improved seed establishment
Better water infiltration
Improved root mass
Reduced soil loss from erosion
Resistance to soil crusting”

You know what- seeding a lawn is hard work. This sounds like a solution that will not only make it a little easier, but will also give you better results-more germination, deeper roots, healthier soil. Want to give it a try?

ENCAP Lawn Starter Mulch & Fertlizer

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