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Hiking is a popular outdoor activity with organizations and facilities all over the world.  Why is it so popular?  Well, it’s fun, entertaining, great exercise and can be done by anyone anywhere.  Hiking is one of those “sports” if you call it a sport, that you don’t have to be a pro at to be good at.  Anybody can walk on trails and it can be a leisurely past-time or a hard-core rigorous activity.  Whatever your method of going about it, you want to make sure you have the proper equipment to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable hike.

Of course you want to make sure to take plenty of water with you no matter the difficulty or length of your hike.  If you are taking a particularly long hike you might want to bring along some granola bars for extra protein to keep you going.  Bring a light jacket as it can get cold in the mountains.  Bug spray, sun screen and a small first aid kit are also a plus if you know your hike will take all day and has some challenging places.  The thing to remember is that anything can happen in the wild and when it comes to your safety you can never be too careful.

One thing you might not realize is so important when it comes to hiking is having a supportive walking stick.  I bet most times when you’ve gone on a hike you’ve hunted around to find the perfect walking stick and you don’t even realize how much you do it.  There is a reason for that, just like there’s a reason why wilderness stores sell hiking sticks manufactured for serious hikers and then those serious hikers buy them: they make it easier.

Having a walking stick is so useful for hiking because they help you get a better grip, support you, give you leverage, etc. etc.  Brazos Walking Sticks have a rubber stopper on the end to maximize the support and help it will provide.  One common mistake made with selecting a walking stick however, is determining which height is best for you.  For your convenience I am providing a sizing chart so you can establish the correct height of the walking stick that you need:

–          41”- children and small adults

–          48”- over 5’4”

–          55”- between 5’4” and 5’11”

–          58”- over 5’11”

Check out our vast collection of walking sticks to find the one you love the best!

Notice the walking stick on this trail marker

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