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An epic tale full of adventure, history, and wealth

As told by Very Cool Stuff

“In today’s gardens, you will often notice beautiful orbs of shiny iridescence.  They are often set on top of a pedestal, standing among the flowers and plants.  Since the 13th century, gazing globes have been an eye catching feature of gardens.  They also have become a signature accent for the spiritual gardener.

The first records of gazing globes show that they were hand made by Italian artisans who crafted them out of mouth-blown glass.  Many kings in Europe chose to have these beautiful orbs in their gardens, and believed that they held magical, mystical powers.  They were thought to have brought prosperity and good luck to any who owned one.

It was thought that the globe could ward off bad things like disease, evil spirits, attackers, and even ghosts.  They were thought to keep the witches away from one’s home.  If the gazing globe was placed near the door of the house, the witch would see her own reflection and be scared away.

As time progressed, the gazing globes served other purposes.  They gained the nickname “butler ball,” because the servants would use the globes as a mirror in order to see guests approaching.  They were also used to see whether or not guests needed help, without having to stare at them directly while they ate their meals.

In other legend, people believed that gazing globes would attract fairies and various other mystical, magical spirits.  These beautiful globes became a standard fixture in Victorian gardens, and are still popular today.  They add beauty and an almost mystical wonder to outdoor garden areas.  Gazing globes can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.  Stainless steel gazing globes are versatile and weatherproof, to provide long lasting beauty and enjoyment.

The gazing globe trend found its way to America around the early 20th century.  Soon everyone had at least one of these lovely ornaments in their gardens.  They became a status symbol, signifying wealth and success.  Today, these beautiful orbs are a common sight in gardens all over the world.

While times and thoughts have changed, gazing globes are still a beautiful piece of art that add life and personality to any garden.  The stainless steel globe inside can be munted on a pedestal or stake, hung from a hanger, float in a water garden or simply placed on a table or on the ground.  It will surely become an important and lovely feature to enjoy for many years to come.”

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